Compact Disc & SACD

Carrying the largest selection in Physical Music

Alliance Entertainment ranks at the top of the music industry with all suppliers, including relationships with all major and independent labels. In addition to mainstream, major-label titles, we carry a full selection of CD Baby Independent titles, audiophile formats like Blu-spec, SHM & SACD, & exclusives from AMPED™ Distribution.

We have an unrivaled daily in-stock selection of unique audio SKUs, ready to ship to you or direct to your customers at a moment’s notice. We're committed to keeping the widest selection in the world, with fantastic depth on all the important new releases.


Complementing our huge selection is over 85,000 imported titles from all corners of the world. Our talented and experienced buy team work with dozens of suppliers in over 25 countries stocking all formats, including audiophile and collectable packages, from such renown labels and archivists like Cherry Red, Demon/Edsel, BGO, Repertoire and many others. Our varied selection also includes the top French, Brazilian, Italian and Spanish pop artists along with music as diverse as Eastern European, African and Middle East Sounds. We are also the largest importer of Kpop music imported directly from Korea and also carry an extensive selection of Japanese releases in formats such as SHM, Blue Spec and Mini-LP Sleeves. In addition, we import numerous videos in DVD, Blu Ray and UHD formats of theatrical and concert films not available in the US,  all with US compatibility.

Our vast selection further provides the incentive of having a single source for all of your entertainment software and hardware needs. With an in stock position on our extensive repertoire, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, we can provide the immediate turnaround needed to satisfy the quickly moving market as well as the long-tail needs that help you to sustain a position in the physical media space for years to come.

Why buy from Alliance?

Alliance is the only Worldwide One-Stop that provides the services of consolidating all of the products and information from the major and independent labels in one place. We help retailers and wholesalers streamline their purchasing and reduce their costs by saving time. We pride ourselves on superior service, the world's best selection, and advanced technology to support your needs.

We work with hundreds of suppliers to put together exclusive packaging/content and have access to thousands of products to create unique pre-pack displays for you and your customers.

When selling product online or in a brick-and-mortar store, your most powerful sales tool is the Data that Alliance provides. Rich Data includes artwork, track listings and product information. On top of providing art and tracks for many of our items, our full-time data team prides itself on exclusive product descriptions written in-house and not available anywhere else. Our Rich Data is directed at the consumer and is extremely helpful to them when making purchasing decisions. The importance of using our Rich Data information can never be stressed enough. Our Rich Data provides you with everything you need to help sell product. 

Our focus is on saving you time and money by consolidating all worldwide products in one location and providing you with the concise information you need about those great products.