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Our customers consider us their primary DVD and Blu-Ray distributor because our superior service begins with our experienced sales team and their exceptional knowledge. They will assist you in the selection of your products to ensure you are 100-percent satisfied with your orders. We also believe our operations team is part of our superior service as they are responsible for the highest level of order accuracy in the industry. Lastly, our weekly mailer, Discussions Magazine, is the most complete guide to the industry's new releases allowing you to keep up to date with the latest in entertainment merchandise.

Alliance is the only Worldwide One-Stop that provides the services of consolidating all of the products and information from the major and independent studios in one place. We help retailers and wholesalers streamline their purchasing and reduce their costs by saving time. We pride ourselves on superior service, the world's best selection, and advanced technology to support your needs.

Our advanced technology is the backbone of our customer support. It begins with our warehouse sorting equipment and inventory management system that supports our perpetual inventory accuracy of 99.9 percent. Our B2B Web site provides you with new release information, online ordering, order tracking, and accounting statements. We have extensive reporting software that can produce any customer reports you desire. Lastly, we have the capability to produce electronic orders for your retail customers and ship individual orders directly to them.

When selling product online or in a brick-and-mortar store, your most powerful sales tool is the Rich Data that Alliance provides. Rich Data includes artwork, track listings and product information. On top of providing art and tracks for many of our items, our full-time data team prides itself on exclusive product descriptions written in-house and not available anywhere else. Our Rich Data is directed at the consumer and is extremely helpful to them when making purchasing decisions. The importance of using our Rich Data information can never be stressed enough. Our Rich Data provides you with everything you need to help sell product. 

Our focus is on saving you time and money by consolidating all worldwide products in one location and providing you with the concise information you need about those great products. 

Put a powerful DVD and Blu-Ray distributor in your corner. Our selection of worldwide DVDs and Blu-Rays provides you with a great opportunity to support your customers. We have an accurate database of more than 1 million titles and 674,604 SKUs in stock. Many customers enjoy a fill rate of 95 percent on same-day orders. We also offer pre-orders on new releases and a superior backorder system to fill the hard-to-find titles quickly. 

  • To support the variety of retailers we serve, Alliance Entertainment carries the largest selection of DVD and Blu-ray products in stock.
  • Industry leading Video Wholesaler, ranking among the top for all major studio partners.
  • Daily in-stock selection of more than 91,000 titles with depth of quantity available.
  • Over 7,200 Manufactured On Demand (MOD) titles fully licensed and available for immediate turnaround.
  • 3D Blu-ray.
  • Alliance Entertainment will always be at the forefront of new technologies and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest info and releases.