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Who we are

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In the entertainment world connection is powerful

At Alliance Entertainment, we know what it means to truly connect. We know that media and pop culture are all about building these connections: that when our customers find their favorite movies, music and games, together we’re finding new ways to experience the world, live our lives and even build new relationships. Working with AENT means forging meaningful, connections between your products and new and existing customers.

We’ve made sure our wholesale and retail distribution network is second-to-none. Today’s fans need instant, no-filter access to entertainment, media and merchandise; AENT taps more than thirty years of experience to bring customers exactly what they want. And when the world of media continues to grow, change and diversify, AENT will be ready to meet new fans, serve new fandoms and go wherever the customers take us.

It’s an exciting time to work with Alliance Entertainment. Join us in finding the world’s next obsession.

Where we’re from

Alliance Entertainment Timeline Alliance Entertainment Timeline
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A small music distribution company with big aspirations

Future Alliance Entertainment CEO Jeff Walker started out in the entertainment industry in a humble way: owner and operator of CD Listening Bar, a venue for music fans to gather together and connect over their mutual passions. Building on the idea of bringing music to the fans, Jeff founded Super D in 1995, a music wholesaler. Bruce Ogilvie joined Super D in 2001 as CEO. When Jeff and business partner Bruce Ogilvie teamed up to merge AENT and Super D in 2013, they agreed to carry the central ethos of CD Listening Bar through to this new enterprise.

Now, Alliance Entertainment operates on the plan “growth through acquisition.” Since 2013, Jeff and Bruce have turned AENT into the market leader in physical media distribution. Far from a CD collection, AENT has tactically chosen new acquisitions with an eye for distributing all types of entertainment, expanding retail relationships, and bringing experts into the team. Joining the Alliance Entertainment family not only means unprecedented reach and market access, but also versatility; it also means you’re working with passionate fans themselves.

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How we make you better

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We exist to take you to the next level and far beyond

Our growth-through-acquisition strategy has made AENT one of the last physical-media distributors still standing. That strategy has allowed us to grow and adapt through a rapidly changing market and a digital-media revolution. Trusted by storefronts like Amazon, Costco, Walmart and Target, AENT rests its success on three simple pillars: Service, Selection, and Technology.

Service. Our fully integrated services include E-commerce order fulfillment, distribution, inventory management, exclusive distribution, web development and more.

Selection. With more than 325,000 products in stock at our distribution center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, AENT has every customer’s first choice and then some.

Technology. As the world changes, so do we. AENT regularly invests in cutting-edge tech to improve our distribution network and take your business to new levels of efficiency, integration and scope.

Our company culture is all about chasing big, audacious goals and hitting apparently impossible benchmarks. Working with Alliance Entertainment means sharing in our growth and reaching the largest possible market.