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A vital audio enterprise in perfect rhythm

big vinyl disc
big vinyl disc

Music is the sum of beauty, form, and harmony. At AENT, music is in our soul

As the world’s largest distributor of physical media, AENT’s inventory of LP, CD, and SACD is second-to-none. Small indie artists, iconic music superstars, mom-and-pop record stores, national big box stores, independent labels, major music studios, casual music fans, and serious collectors can all find exactly what they need from our music division.

The experts, aficionados, and distribution professionals at AENT are in perfect harmony with our partners’ goals and our customer’s needs. Well-rehearsed and hitting just the right note – that’s Alliance Entertainment.

The world’s largest distributor of physical media

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There’s still nothing like vinyl

Connecting fans to both classic and new wax is something we take seriously. AENT is the industry’s leading vinyl distributor, representing more than 49% of all vinyl sales; so we can guarantee that when your vinyl products are in our inventory, they safely and effortlessly wind up in your customer’s hands.

Vinyl distribution and marketing is about connecting with and engaging those all-important fans. When a customer buys one of our almost 50,000 in-stock items, we’re not just selling one LP, we’re contributing to a collection. Partnering with AENT for vinyl distribution means benefitting from our vertically integrated distribution pipeline and being served to engaged collectors through customized, expert-run marketing initiatives with all of our brands and storefronts.

This video featuring is about Music various highlights. Please scroll down the page for detail information.

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Alliance Entertainment is fully committed to keeping physical media alive

For vinyl, CD or SACD, there’s no bigger champion than AENT. We strive to cover all genres and styles, and to work with our storefront partners like Walmart and Target to offer diverse and exciting selections tailored to each community’s tastes. We believe that there’s nothing quite like a physical music collection, and our hope is that, in the era of streaming, Alliance Entertainment can continue to pave the way for artists to find and connect with their fans on a more lasting level.

Dedication to physical media has won Alliance Entertainment the trust of big names in music: we’re an authorized distributor for the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and more, covering the complete music industry with long-standing distribution deals. Alliance Entertainment is proud to distribute and market independent labels through our indie-focused teams at AMPED Distribution. Long live the shiny disc.

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AMPED solves music distribution

AMPED is built to develop independent artists and labels worldwide. Take our questionnaire to see if your business fits into AMPED’s family of top record companies and music distributors.


Vinyl Voice is the place for classic wax

As a part of AENT’s plan to keep physical music media moving and grooving, we’ve launched Vinyl Voice, our premier vinyl exclusives program. Vinyl Voice is our way of bringing lost, out-of-print or even never-printed vinyl records to customers.

Overseen by the Alliance Entertainment team and benefiting from all the same systems and operations support as any other AENT product, Vinyl Voice Editions are wax releases par excellence and a new, highly prestigious route for music to make its way back to record players across America.

Customers can expect limited-edition Vinyl Voice releases on Record Store Day and Black Friday every year in both “brick” and “click” storefronts. Think your LP, past, present, or future, is right for the Vinyl Voice imprint? Contact us to give it a spin.

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