Warehouse Management

State-of-the-Art Systems Designed for Maximum Efficiency

We have invested in major state-of-the-art material automation and handling equipment that gives us the capability to ship orders same day. Order processing for in-stock items is streamlined using advanced warehouse management software (WMS) systems which include wave picking by RF hand held scanners and barcode-scanned item progress.

Automated, high speed sortation and packaging equipment allows for efficient, same day order processing, while real-time inventory levels ensure backorders are minimal. Our virtual inventory system gives customers real-time visibility to our items on hand. We keep our products secure with closed circuit televised security and visibility.

Pick, Pack & Ship

We ensure your orders are processed accurately, packed with care, reach their destination on-time and are in pristine condition

  • Order accuracy 99.9% and controllable fill of 99.5%
  • Paperless pick, pack and ship process using Green Certified RF technology
  • High speed sorting and labeling equipment
  • Custom shipping labels and packaging options
  • Bulk orders securely strapped for shipment
  • Ecommerce and B2B order fulfillment
  • Implementation of eco-friendly CDF packaging

Accurate, cost-effective returns processing makes certain product is processed, available for sale or credit & issued in a timely manner

  • Return carton receiving "receipt-on-dock" via EDI
  • Automated processing to re-stock or ship to vendor
  • Extensive reporting via EDI/Data Warehouse creates full visibility

Value Added Service Capabilities

Customized packaging services to meet the unique needs of a diverse customer base

  • Kitting and multi-packs
  • Repackaging and product refurbishment
  • Poly-bagging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Custom stickering options