Vinyl Voice Editions

Vinyl reigns supreme at Alliance.

Alliance Entertainment has launched Vinyl Voice Editions, a revamped vinyl exclusives program that was formerly known as Alliance Exclusives.

Alliance Entertainment, a leading entertainment goods distributor, is responsible for 48% of vinyl sales in the United States and is a proud Record Store Day partner.

As a brand under the Alliance umbrella, it is carving its own unique voice.

Vinyl Voice Editions wants to bring both classic and obscure out-of-print records back into print. Vinyl Voice Editions will also release titles that have never been in print. 

Vinyl fans, watch out for limited pressings of exclusive vinyl records and exclusive color variants. 

There is more exclusive and rare vinyl to come.

Expect unique and limited-edition Black Friday and Record Store Day exclusives. 

For more updates and announcements, check out @vinyl_voice_editions on Instagram