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Our eCommerce Services are Enhanced and Advanced

Alliance eCommerce services provides multiple fulfillment options including direct to consumer (CDF), direct-to-u retailer (Bulk), Merchant of Record and third party consigned merchandise (3PL) provided by the retailer.

  • Division services major brands including Amazon®, Barnes and Noble®, Best Buy®, Columbia Classics®, Kmart®, Overstock.com®, Sears®, Sony Home Entertainment®,
    Toys ‘R’ Us® and Target®.
  • Alliance controls and creates planograms for 35 unique websites, including AAFES®, Sears® and Kmart®.
  • Real-time inventory query, advanced checkout technology, flexible merchandising solutions and B2C customer service support.
  • Alliance’s award winning B2B website received over 25 million page views in 2013.

Hosted Solutions

Our two models to choose from both include:

Comprehensive Descriptive Content - A virtual catalog built using descriptive content merged with the Alliance Product Database.

Current Inventory Data - Dynamic buy buttons reflecting inventory status (i.e. Pre-Order, In-Stock & Back Order).

Shopping Cart - Integration using a real-time environment for requesting inventory status of products selected for checkout by consumers.

Sophisticated Web Reporting Tools - Access to information about traffic, visitors and sales.

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